Grassroots racial profiling monitoring project

Exciting moves are afoot to form a community-based ‘Racial Profiling Monitoring Project’ to monitor the outcomes of the Victoria Police’s Equality is not the same Report that was released late last year.

Victoria Police released  the ‘Equality’  report after a 6 month community consultation  on the their field contact policies, data collection and cross cultural training.

The report contains a three year action plan aimed at improving the way in which police engage with diverse communities.

While the Victoria Police have been commended on their proactive action, some community members have raised concerns about certain aspects including how the recommendations will be followed up, monitored and what will happen if commitments are not met.

There are also concerns about what disciplinary actions will be undertaken against police officers who continue to engage in racially discriminatory actions.

Community groups and concerned individuals are invited to attend a foundation meeting to discuss and form the Racial Profiling Monitoring Project whose purpose could include:

  • Monitor the progress of the Three Year Action Plan of Action by Victoria Police and ensure that it follows the time frame specified by the Victoria police;
  • Alert the community and relevant stake holders when violations of the recommendations are committed;
  • Publish regular independent ‘Report Cards’ to the community, government and police on progress on the commitments  and the three year plan;
  • Advocate on behalf of the community on matters relating to the report;
  • Hold open forums/information sessions on specific issues of concern expressed by the community in relation to the three year plans’ implementation;
  • Develop a media profile on Facebook, twitter, social media to communicate and promote the groups activities, and establish a website.

More information about the Equality report is available on the Flemington Kensington Community Legal Centre website here

The foundation meeting has been called for:

6.00pm on Tuesday 29th April at the

Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth Street (opposite the Queen Victoria Market).

If you are able to attend or would like to be kept informed about the project please RSVP online here.


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