Police Complaints

Getting individual assistance

The Police Accountability Project assists people across Victoria who allege misconduct by Victoria Police or Protective Service Officers.

We are unable provide ongoing assistance to everyone who contacts us. That is because of the high number of complaints about police.

We will provide you with information and referrals if we can’t help you with ongoing case work.

We prioritise case work in the following areas:

  • racial discrimination and racial profiling by police
  • addressing police family violence failures
  • criminal defence where there has been excessive use of force or police misconduct


If you are an agency worker or solicitor wanting to refer to us?

Workers in Victoria can also refer clients by calling us on 03 9376 4355 or filling our this intake assessment form.

Resources for making your own formal complaint about police misconduct

We have resources and guides to help you make your own complaint directly to Victoria Police or IBAC. Please refer to our Police Complaint Links and Resources page.

Alternatively, you can use the Police Complaints Chatbot to assist you in drafting a letter of complaint directly to Victoria Police or IBAC.

Anyone who has experienced police misconduct can have a conversation with the Police Complaints Chatbot, which then drafts a letter of complaint and instructs you how to lodge the complaint. You will have a choice when and where to lodge your complaint. Please note that if you have been charged or believe that you may be charged, you should seek legal advice from a criminal lawyer before lodging a complaint.


What kind of help do we provide?

This depends on what outcome you want. People who have been affected by police misuse of power want different things. These include:

  • being heard, including media
  • an apology
  • an investigation
  • police discipline
  • compensation or return of property
  • defence of charges

If you meet our eligibility guidelines we might be able to help you with any of those matters.


Are police complaints effective?

The Police Accountability Project no longer focuses on lodging individual police complaints. That is because our clients don’t have confidence in the current system, where police investigate most complaints against them. We are focussed on other approaches to get police accountability

You can read more about the problems with lodging police complaints and how to take action at:

Independent Investigations of police misconduct

Take action here


Supporting the sector

We are committed to supporting the legal assistance and social justice sectors.  Please call us on 9376 4355 if you want to discuss any police accountability matter, including about speaking to your service or clients about police misconduct, the types of referrals that we accept and or policy and advocacy activities.