T J Hickey

TJ Hickey is a 17 year old Indigenous youth who died following injuries sustained during a police operation in Redfern, New South Wales on 14 February 2004.  In a communication to the United Nations Human Rights Committee dated 14 February 2010 his mother, Gail Hickey, seeks justice for TJ Hickey by applying for a declaration that Mr Hickey’s right to life was violated as the investigation of his death was conducted by police from the NSW Police Force – the very police agency implicated in his death.

The Legal Centre is assisted by Emrys Nekvapil of the Victorian Bar in this communication.

Hickey v Australia

The Australian Government has submitted a response in April 2012.

Australia’s response

FKCLC, with the assistance of Emrys Nekvapil, issued a detailed reply to the Australian Government’s response in July 2012.

Reply to the Australian Government