Police Accountability Project Assessment Form

Making a request for assistance:

Please note that we currently do not have capacity for clients. If you’d like help finding a referral to your local service, you can call us on 03 9328 1885

When you speak to us, we need to ask for some basic information about the issue or incident.

The information will be reviewed by our intake team and solicitors and used to assess the most appropriate information or referral we can provide you. Providing this information does not mean you are a client of our service.

We cannot assist everybody and have limited capacity.

The information that you provide will be kept confidential. We will not provide any of this information to police or any third parties without your permission.

Workers making referrals

Workers can also refer clients by calling us on 9328 1885

What kind of help do we provide?

This depends on what outcome you want. People who have been affected by police misuse of power want different things. These include:

  • being heard, including media
  • an apology
  • an investigation
  • police discipline
  • compensation or return of property
  • defence of charges

If you meet our eligibility guidelines we might be able to help you with any of those matters.

For people we cannot assist, we have created resources to help you make a complaint yourself and an email will be provided with these links.

What about making police complaints?

The Police Accountability Project no longer focuses on lodging individual police complaints. That is because our clients don’t have confidence in the current system, where police investigate most complaints against them. We are focused on other approaches to get police accountability

You can read more about the problems with lodging police complaints and how to take action below:

Independent Investigations of police misconduct

Take action here

If you want to make your own complaint about police misconduct.

See Police Complaint Links and Resources

About this Project:

This Police Accountability Project is run by the Flemington Kensington Community Legal Centre.

The project is funded through the Community Legal Assistance Program through Victoria Legal Aid and by a range of philanthropic donations.

About the Police Accountability Project