Research on Racial Profiling


These reports
explore the
impact of
racial profiling
on individuals
& communities


Equality is not the same Report– Victoria Police December 2013

Victoria Police Review of Field Contact Policy and Processes 2013– Cultural & Indigenous Research Centre Australia November 2013

Learning to Engage: A Review of Victoria Police Cross-Cultural Training Practices – Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing, Victoria University December 2013

FKCLC / Arnold Bloch Leibler Submission for Stop and Search receipting policy

Research on racial profiling in the Flemington / North Melbourne area from the Race Discrimination case

Police reject move for search receipts – 20 September 2011 Proposal for a new Stop and Search receipting policy

Media 5 September 2011 NEW REPORT: Race or Reason? Police Encounters with Young People in the Flemington Region and Surrounding Areas (2011)

Victoria Police – racism claim – Indigenous  (2010)

“Boys you want to give me some action” police violence and racism in the Braybrook, Flemington & Dandenong regions (2010)

Interview with Daniel Haile-Michel Done by Law (20 March 2010) Rights of Passage Report by the Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

Rights of Passage Two Years On: 2010 Green Left Weekly Article on Justice for Africans Institutional Racism in Australia – A case study on policing Southern Ethnic Advisory & Advocacy Council Submission to the Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (2008)

Article on corruption theory and Indigenous communities (2008) Moonee Valley City Council Report (2006)

Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody (1991)

Creating a Better City for Young People: The needs of young people living in Flemington, North Melbourne, Kensington and Ascot Vale – Final Report (December 2006) – Moonee Valley City Council

Boys you wanna give me some action? – Interventions into policing of racialised communities in Melbourne (2010) – Smith & Reside, Springvale Monash Community Legal Centre, the Western Suburbs Community Legal Centre and the Fitzroy Community Legal Centre

‘Race or Reason: A study into young people’s experiences in the Flemington area (2011) – Dolic, Flemington & Kensington Community Legal Centre.

NEW REPORT: Race or Reason? Police Encounters with Young People in the Flemington Region and Surrounding Areas (2011)

Professor Ben Bowling – Real Solutions to Racial Profiling – Talk at the Flemington Community Centre in 2012

Racism Racial Profiling & Health – Presentation of Associate Professor Yin Paradies (2013)

Cultural Competence Continuum – based on various articles by Kathy Seitzinger Hepburn relating to cultural competency

United States

Floyd v NYPD Court Order September 2011

Report : Professor Fagan, expert report, Floyd v NYPD 2012

2010 comment on stop & search in New York

2009 ACLU report on racial profiling in Louisana

Institute on Race and Poverty – Components of Racial Profiling Legislation Letter from ACLU in 2009 condemning the practice of racial profiling

Racial Profiling Resource Center Northeastern University USA

2005 ACLU Racial Profiling Report

The Black Agenda Report

US Racial Profiling Resources

Resource Guide on Racial Profiling Data Collection Systems; Promising Practices and Lesson Learned (2000) – US Department of Justice

Racial Profiling Data Collection Resource Centre  – Clearing-house for data collection efforts, law & policy, police initiatives & analytical tools)

Chapter:  Racially Biased Policing:  The Law Enforcement Response to the Race-Crime Association (2008) – This chapter summarises the research on the race-crime implicit bias and discusses the policy implications for law enforcement agencies.

Racially Biased Policing: A Principled Response, Police Executive Research Forum (2001) – Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (Fridell, Lunney, Diamond and Kubu) This book contains the original draft of “best practices” for agencies concerned about biased policing.  Elements of it have been transformed and updated into the “comprehensive program to produce fair and impartial policing” which is key content for the command and command/community Fair and Impartial Policiing training.

How to Correctly Collect and Analyze Racial Profiling Data: Your Reputation Depends On It!, Final Project Report for Racial Profiling Data Collection and Analysis – Joyce McMahon, Joel Garner, Ronald Davis and Amanda Kraus.

United Kingdom

Stop and Search Rights Card 2011

Stop and Search in a Global Context – workshop 2011

UN Committee on the Elimination of All forms of racism – UK 2011 (see paragraph 18)

The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry 1999

Dr Miranda Fricker on the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry and testimonial injustice

2006 UK Report Just Justice – black young people’s experience of the youth justice system

Stop and Think: A Critical Review of the Use of Stop and Search Powers in England and Wales (2011)Equality and Human Rights Commission

Stop and Think Again (2013) – Equality and Human Rights Commission

Metropolitan Police Stop and Search Data per borough

2013 Home Office Stop and Search Consultation

StopWatch UK –Key Fact sheets and Reports

The Secret Policeman 2003 (Television documentary) – Mark Daly spent months working as a policeman in Manchester. His fellow officers were unaware that their colleague was, in fact, an undercover journalist who was trying to discover if racism lurked among their ranks. The Secret Policeman was screened amid a storm of publicity in October 2003.

Just Justice: A study into black young people’s experiences of the youth justice system -Edited by Professor David Wilson & Gwyther Rees, The Children’s Society, 2006. This four year study was commissioned in response to growing evidence and concern about the over-representation of black young people, exploring young people’s views about their day-to-day encounters with youth justice agencies in the community and in custody and the strategies they employ in relation to these agencies.